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Convincing recruiting videos.

We realize customized and convincing recruiting videos and tell about the advantages of your company. Promote your company for potential applicants.

More than 10 years experience – we know what’s interesting for your target group. Your recruiting film production gives the possibility to show the features of your company.

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Film production – references

Outstanding conception.

The change of the labour market makes it necessary to do something special and to stand out of the bulk. Therefore, it’s reasonable to create recruiting videos with amazing concepts. The music of the BTV recruiting video is beside the film the main focus. Here we created an analogy between the company and the music.

Unique recruiting videos.

The recruiting video “ODU” present the features of the company. We create attractive lyrics and convince the target group. Our mission: to be authentic and to talk about the daily working life in the firm.

Classic recruiting.

Even classical recruiting videos are recommendable. The trainees present the processes during their education in the company from Rosenberger.

Recruiting in a different way.

Exciting and unseen recruiting videos, which stay in the minds of the target group. Despite the extraordinary way of production, we communicate the message about the fascinating jobs at “Bauer”.


Recruiting videos shouldn’t be boring. We know how to convince the target group – we produce recruiting videos with maximum creative concepts. We are your partner from the very first briefing to the release of your recruiting film.


Tell us about your budget – we create an attractive offer for a high-quality and individual recruiting video. 


Everybody, who is looking for a new working place, search for information through the internet. What are the features of your company? How is the working atmosphere there? We put all these information in an exciting recruiting video.

spreadfilms more than 400 customers | more than 8.500 realized projects

Your recruiting video
from Spreadfilms.

shows your company at its best and convince potential employees.


Recruiting video examples

Live Action
3D / VFX
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Endless job advertisements are boring and unspectacular – let’s create a recruiting video and convince potential employees. You have the possibility to present your company and jobs. Our mission: to recruit new applicants and to thrill the people for your company.

Here you can see the steps in detail – from the beginning to the final recruiting film with Spreadfilms.





Tell us about your wishes and visions.

What are the important things in your company? How is the working atmosphere there? Which jobs do you offer? All these questions are the basis for the conception for your recruiting film production. 

Filmproduktion Agentur


sleep. shot. eat. repeat.

We realize recruiting film productions with high-end-equipment. Our crew is motivated to shoot for your recruiting video and to produce something special and unseen. Your advantage: the possibility to recruit talented employees.



Creative, exciting and new.

Our team create concepts for your recruiting video – individual and always something special. We produce recruiting videos which stand out of the others.



Every sound can be optimized.

Which voice should be “the voice” of your recruiting video? You can choose one of your employees or you can choose a speaker from our huge database.

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Review - a year full of happenings
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What a beautiful autumn.

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Behind the scenes - the team of 3D
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Something special for every film production.
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We love what we do.
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Come on, we show you the possibilities of film productions.
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The city, which never sleeps - our team in New York.
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7 shooting days, beautiful locations and a language we have never spoken before.
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What doesn't fit is made to fit - with Spreadfilms.
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We are motivated - even in the morning - but only with coffee.
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Making of | Jan 2018

Colorful ballett.


Let’s talk about your upcoming project and receive professional and creative consulting from one of our video specialists.

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