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Engaging event videos.

It’s time to put on a fascinating performance. We support your unforgettable event with an inspiring event video, where you can see the perfect moments and the most important happenings. Your event video – for you, for your employees and for your customers.

We catch the amazing moments as live streams and worldwide. Therefore, we support you from the first meeting to the final event video.

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Film production – references

The event video.

We use interviews and dynamic images to inform viewers about the event. Usually we shoot event videos with 1-2 cameras – in this way we can capture the whole event. Afterwards the postproduction-team creates an entertaining event film which includes intro / outro animation and the CI.


The aim of many clients is to increase the attendance for the coming event. To that end, you need a professional video that intrigues and informs viewers about the upcoming event. We can help you reach your goal with an event video that provides exciting impressions and relevant information to potential attendees.

Der Messefilm.

Exhibitions are for presenting a company’s highlights, new product or services. During this time, there are all specialists of one sector all in one place. Those are perfect conditions to show an event video and effectively communicate the core message of your company.

Trailer for exhibition.

The trailer for EOS shows their latest innovations and highlights in a short spot.


It doesn’t matter where or when. We are flexible, fast and reliable for every film production. We are fast and reliable and we deliver your event film in the shortest time.


The costs of an event film can vary because of the shooting days, the cameras, the music and the crew. With Spreadfilms, you get an amazing event video for an equally amazing price. Ask for an attractive and non-binding offer for your video production.


Your event video is a first impression as well as a lasting memory after weeks or months of work. We even provide live recording of presentations – to capture those moments that will be most informative for your target audience.

spreadfilms more than 400 customers | more than 8.500 realized projects

Your event video
from Spreadfilms.

is produced in a modern way and includes all important information about the event.


Event video examples

Stories that stay in the mind of the viewer – all through a fascinating event video. We are your film agency, with an accomplished crew, and a lot of fun on set. We provide a smooth process for your event film production.

Here you can see the steps with Spreadfilms in detail – from the beginning to the final event film.



Define the focus.

Tell us about your goals, about your budget, about your deadline for the final event video and about your corporate design – we will produce your fascinating event film. Our team prepare everything for the shooting – based on your information.


Post production.

Step by step. 

Next step: post production. Our team produces the final event video in a very short time.

Filmproduktion Agentur


sleep. shot. eat. repeat.

We undertake every film production with high-end-equipment, that’s how we guarantee a high quality result. Our strength is, to handle unexpected incidents and to do the best for every video production.

Making of | Apr 2019

Knappe Deadline - hammer Ergebnis!
#one week challenge
#fight cancer

Making of | Mär 2019

Wir waren viel unterwegs - und auch intern feiern wir was Neues! ;)
#2D Animation
#Flughafen München
#Website Relaunch

Making of | Feb 2019

Und weiter gehts! - Musikalisch in den Februar.
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Making of | Jan 2019

New year - new challenges!

Making of | Dez 2018

Review - a year full of happenings
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Making of | Okt 2018

What a beautiful autumn.

Making of | Sep 2018

Behind the scenes - the team of 3D
#Working at Spreadfilms
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Making of | Aug 2018

Something special for every film production.
#State Opera House

Making of | Jul 2018

We love what we do.
#Shooting in Bremen

Making of | Jun 2018

Come on, we show you the possibilities of film productions.
#Let’s go outside
#Sport in the morning

Making of | Mai 2018

The city, which never sleeps - our team in New York.
#New York


Let’s talk about your upcoming project. You’ll receive a professional and creative consultation from one of our video specialists.

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